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Funny & sweet moments with the HNY team during press conference in London.


expectations vs. reality of the fazriya wedding (2/?)

Aju dancing to ‘mangalyam' the day before Divya's wedding
Dulquer dancing to ‘mangalyam' the day before Nazriya's actual nikkah (at the mehindi)

Oct 9
Oct 8


Why the How I Met Your Mother Finale is an Outrage


I was going to let this sit until tomorrow when I (one would hope) might be thinking more clearly—but my anger over the absolute ruination of what is quite probably my favorite sitcom of all time is 100% justified, so I’m going to slam this down right here and now.

Ted and Robin dated in the…


Tag Heuer 2014 Photoshoot

Happy Birthday Gauri Khan!

Happy Birthday Gauri Khan!

Oct 6

[VIDEO] SRK was presented the Global Diversity Award at the House of Commons

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Oct 1